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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 6  FOX  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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take a look behind the scenes of the 9-1-1 center to find out what happens after you make that desperate call for help. "the fire dispatcher has about 60 seconds to get that call entered and sent out to the fire department."down to the wire.a long day of racing, it comes to inches as a virginia native tries to win his first daytona 500. thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's monday february 22 i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm january keaton. happening in matter of hours, parents and community leaders will gather at
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public meeting. this after accusations of misconduct and missing money. there were even threats of violence. school district officials say those rumors and accusations are not true! questions arose at the school back on february 12th after longtime principal frank dent suddenly resigned citing personal and family reasons. then days later, dent's assistant principal amy puckett asks to be reassigned. she had been with the school district in that role for nearly two years. on thursday, a possible threat of violence against the school prompted increased security and parents getting no prior notification. that left many parents with unanswered questions and school leaders allowing execused absences at both the middle school and the high school. as wfxr's bill wadell reports, while many unanswered questions do remain with both parents and students, officials say they're doing what they can to ease concerns. 00:00 - 00:0500:20 - 00:25 tom mccracken "i as well have heard embezzlement and fraud and all these other things and the rumors get juicy."tom mccracken is on damage control. he and other roanoke county school board members -
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the first complaint - parents weren't notified fast enough -
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again tonight's meeting is set for seven at the high school. in pittsylvania county- the hargrave military academy- will reopen this morning. the priveat boarding school shut down late last week after
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online. investigators say the threats were tied to the terrorist group isis.wfxr's solina lewis has more from chatham. officers from the pittsylvania county sheriffs office told me they'd be leaving just a few hours ago-- adding that it had been a quiet weekend on campus with no sign of trouble...i spoke to a few parents who were dropping their kids off earlier sunday and most of them said they weren't worried and that they were sure the school had taken all of the safety precautions necessary...but that they were surprised to hear of the threats in the first place-- saying that chatham is a very quiet officials also told me that everything will resume normally this morning and that they don't anticipate any further problems related to last weeks threat. solina lewis wfxr news hargrave military academy is a private boarding school. it is home to about 240 young men in grades seven through 12.
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through the area overnight allowinga wedge of high pressure to build in from the north throughmonday. this will bring cool and damp conditions to theregion...along with some patchy fog. by wednesday, a large area of low pressure will moveout of the lower mississippi valley and into the great lakes region...bringing another round of widespread rainfall to theappalachians and central mid atlantic region. in galax- fire crews were called to a home yesterday- but when they got there- the home had already collapsed. officials put this photo out
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was on laurel mountain lane in can see from this picture- there isn't much left. fire officials haven't released a cause. if there's a fire - or any emergency - the first line of defense - is our local 911 dispatchers. what is the *dispatcher* doing while you're on the other end of his or her line?i recently got a tour of the roanoke 9-1-1 cent to see what happens when the calls come in. a couple seconds of nats of ringing phone only, no lifelines you seldom hear about... but they're likely the people you'll need *first* in an emergency.a couple seconds of nats of dispatcher talking on the phone.... winter is the time of year roanoke county 911 dispatchers say they see an increase in fire related calls.zach @ 19:10-:14 "we defnitely receive a lot more reports of structure fires..."zach beckner is a volunteer firefighter..zach @ 19:16-:25 "people are trying to stay warm, whether they're may be abandoned homes, or maybe they're just using sources of heat-- they're not using them very safely."...not just a volunteer firefighter, zach is also the communications supervisor for roanoke city's 911 dispatch center. a small operation-- but a vital one. zach showed me around the downtown digs, and walked me through how the nearly all- female first response team takes fire calls.zach @ 15:20-:22 "when a fire call comes in, time is of the essence." *butted*zach @ 15:31-:38 "the fire dispatcher has about 60 seconds to get that call entered and sent out
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*butted*zach @ 15:44-:47 "we have strict time limits when we have to get those calls out."those strict time limits put in place by the national fire protection association, which sets response times for fire dispatch at the roanoke city 911 center, calls come in through one dispatcher... and *that* dispatcher patches them through to workers specifically trained to handle fire-related emergencies.zach @ 17:20-:26 "everything that the fire department... while they're on their way to a call... is based on the knowledge we have here in the 911 center."*butted*zach @ 17:39-:51 "if we're giving them information that someone's trapped, if it's a large building and we get reports, a lot of different calls, smoke and flames from different parts of the building, we're gonna relay that and that's gonna change their the supervisor at the 911
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the supervisor the supervisor at the 911 dispatch center, sonya, wants the public to know they're set
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it may only be february, but the long cold winter is over for many nascar fans... the season started yesterday with the super bowl of racing. we will have highlights from daytona coming up on good day virginia. and some local doctors are also spending time in the sunshine state.we will tell you how this trip to florida will improve the care you receive in the emergency room.
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being a horse at the reba farm inn can be hard work! groups are stopping by for horseback riding tours all the time! in this morning's ag life report, wfxr's charlie cooper has more on how the horses are cared for and what steps are being taken to make sure they're healthy too! 00:25:18-00:27:1500:31:11- 00:36:151:02:18-1:06:04this is what meal time looks like for the horses at reba farm inn only moments before they're saddled up for a ride. kathleen donovan- owner, reba farm inn & saddle soarone of the biggest things especially in the winter is feeding. keeping their weight up. kathleen donovan and her husband ron make that a top priority when it comes to taking care of the horses.ron gore- owner, reba farm inn & saddle soargenerally i'd say about 12 to 13 hundred pounds of hay gets fed everyday and 3 or 4 hundred pounds of grain everyday.the horses usually graze -- throughout the day. the farm is home to 73 horses of 26 different breeds-- many of them rescued. those who
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about knowing them individually and knowing how they react to different situations.ronald gore- owner, reba farm inn & saddle soar when you're using your horses the way we're using them you must know their body types, their caloric burn off possibility when you're using them.and know when there's something wrong.kathleen donovan- owner, reba farm inn & saddle soarwith the rubbing friction of the blanket, they can get sours. saddles if it's not sitting correctly or lopsided because maybe you didn't get all the dirt off their shoulders, it can create pressure points.also important is being able to pair them with the right rider.ronald gore- owner, reba farm inn & saddle soari already know the horses-- now i have to size up the group, whoever's riding and sometimes it's their body language just like i do with the make sure the rider and the horse are comfortable with each other. it's all a part of looking out for their well-being -- the very reason they were brought to the farm in the first place. ronald gore- owner, reba farm inn & saddle soarwhen we rescue them, we rescue them. we've taken a lot of horses that a lot of places wouldnt. we were their last hope and they're doing very well. in
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there are 73 horses on the farm. fore more information on reba farm inn, head to our website, virginia first dot-com. physicians at carilion clinic work to stay on the cutting edge of every type of medicine. right now many of them are attending the 45th annual critical care congress in orlando.they're exploring the latest breakthroughs in intensive care medicine. wfxr's paris holmes is here with more . good morning guys!the critical care congress is an opporturnity for medical professionals from around the world to share ideas and diverse perspectives in treating people who are seriously ill or injured. at this five day event, carilion physicians are
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speakers, participating in interactive workshops and panel discussions.they will bring all of that information back to patients here in the roanoke valley. dr. alice ackerman is a peditrician at carillion.she has been attending this conference for about 20 years.she says-- it's one thing to read up on the latest research on medicine, but it's another to be in the room and talking with the people who are actually doing the reasearch. she also says the conference reassures her about the work they are already doing at carilion. many of the things that i 've heard about this year are things that we are already doing in roanoke. the way that we treat children with severe respiratory diseases is right there. we are really doing everything that is reccomended and that the experts say yeah this is how we should do it. the conference-- organized by the society of critical care medicine--is also uses the power of social
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works. you can use the hashtag c-c-c 45 to learn more. in the studio, paris holmes,wfxr news (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterp
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and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. the 2016 race season
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58th running of 'the great american race' ...the daytona 500. wining this race and you are immortalized're locked into the chase for the sprint cup... lets roll down to the daytona international speedway...sprint cup series rookie chase elliot is the youngest pole sitter in daytona 500 history... dale earnhardt jr. looking to win his 3rd daytona 500, 15 years after his fathers fatal crash...on lap 19...polesitter chase elliott and regan smith are involved in the first crash of the daytona 500... elliott has damage to the front end of his car from hitting the trioval was an unfortunate turn events for the rookie... 30 laps to go... matt kenseth in the lead...earnhardt jr. spins out coming out of the 4th turn... he would slide into the barrier... leading to the 5th caution flag of the day... earnhardt loses control of the 88 car as he tries to navitgate 'calamity corner'... 16 laps to go...danica patrick
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spins out into the grass... patrick and biffle drop from lap...denny hamlin makes the move outside then back inside for the lead past matt kenseth...then hamlin edges out martin truex jr for the one one hundreth of a second. denny hamlin wins the 2016 dayton 500 in dramatic fashion..its the close margin of victory in race history. our own john kucko has reaction from the winner. 01-0515-1947-52denny hamlin agknowledged afterward here at daytona tha when he was in the second grade at just 7 years old that he wrote down on a piece of paper that he wanted to win the daytona 500. how ever he couldn't imagine what could have unfolded here on the last lap today. it is the pinocle of my career. for sure. i havent got a championship yet. so obviously this is the biggest win for myself. and it is just the circumstances. you know jd gibbs who found me about 12-13 years ago. it is his birthday today. he has been so pivotable to myself and my team and supporting me for the last 11 years. i felt like i had enough momentum to keep him behinde me and i did all the way up till the end. you know that last couple of feet. and he just shot out tha last couple of incjhes on me right before the line. now with the big show behinde them hamlin and the rest of the nascar guys hunker down for the bulk of their season beginning next weekend in atlanta. at daytona
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last week's box office champion took a hit this week... but could deadpool stay on top...we have the
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the anti-hero smash "deadpool" had a huge weekend at the box office last week.but several new movies
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this weekend. did any come close? marvel's comic book film earned another 55 million dollars this weekend. this, after raking in more than 152-million dollars when it opened on president's day weekend. not a bad take, considering "deadpool" was produced for 58-million. industry analysts say it's on track to become one of the most successful r-rated movies ever. "kung fu panda three" is in second place, with ticket receipts totaling 12-and-a-half million. the faith-based drama "risen," starring joseph fiennes, debuted in third place with almost 11-point-eight million dollars. in fourth place is the puritan period thriller "the witch" opened with almost nine million dollars. and "how to be single" rounds out the top five, with a little
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will drop south through the area overnight allowinga wedge of high pressure to build in from the north throughmonday. this will bring cool and damp conditions to the region...along with some patchy fog. by wednesday, a large area of low pressure will moveout of the lower mississippi valley and into the great lakes region...bringing another round of widespread rainfall
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thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's monday february 22 i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm january keaton. happening today in roanoke. the defense and prosecution in the kevin quick murder trial will present closing arguments. six alleged gang members are on trial for killing the waynesboro police reserve captain back in 2014. his body later found in goochland county. that jury will have to decide whether those gang members are guilty on all or some of the 34 charges they face. a 45-year old father of two is accused of going on a shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan. police say jason dalton worked as an uber
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people and injured two others. authorities say it appears the gunman chose his victims ... who range in age from 14 to 74 ... at random.kelly wright reports. :00-:08:12-19:38-:461:03-1:09 1:21-1:281:29-1:38 a michigan community is grieving after a gunman goes on a shooting spree ... killing at least six people and injuring two others. the violence breaking out saturday night in the city of kalamazoo.getting says: "there is no connection that we are aware of between the three sets of victims to each other or any of the victims to mr. dalton." according to officials ... 45-year old jason dalton shot five people outside a cracker barrel restaurant ... including a fourteen year old girl .... before killing a father and son outside a kia dealership. a woman was also shot outside
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a source with knowledge of the investigation says dalton picked up and dropped off passengers between shootings. investigators think he was looking for even more fares after the final attack.
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woman now faces reckless driving charges after a three vehicle car crash. it happpened just before 4 p-m sunday afternoon on route 29. police say an acura slowed to make a turn, when another car rear-ended it. the impact forced the acura into oncoming traffic where it was hit again. megan barrett was charged with reckless driving for rear-ending the acura. everyone involved in the crash was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. we have several traffic alerts this morning that could impact your morning commute across the roanoke valley in roanoke permitting, crews will be making patch and paving improvements to numerous roads across the city. that work will happen between 7-this morning and 7-o'clock tonight.guardrail improvements could slow down your drive along route 419 this week in roanoke county.crews will be out along various spots making those improvements from 7-pm
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and happening right now on interstate 581: continued roadwork on the valley view interchange project has a double lane closure for the next hour. you're looking live at that area from a vdot camera. drivers approaching the area are encouraged to slow down and use caution through that work zone. a cold front will drop south through the area overnight allowinga wedge of high pressure to build in from the north throughmonday. this will
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wfxr news is your local election headquarters. the virginia primary is set for march first and the lastest poll in the commonwealth shows donald trump is leading the pack among the republicans. the poll by christopher newport university shows donald trump garners 28 percent of the vote. florida senator marco rubio is in second place with 22 percent. and texas senator ted cruz is closely behind with 18 percent of the vote. the poll has some bad news for trump. it found that almost two thirds of virginia voters have an unfavorable view of the
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the democrat side, hillary clinton has the lead against challenger bernie sanders. she had 52 percent of the support vs 40 for the vermont senator. the virginia primary is march first, but in the mean time, there's no rest for the presidential candidates ... as they campaign ahead of key nominating contests this week in nevada and south carolina. kelly wright reports from new york. 8-15:26-3535-40:49-:53 1:23-1:271:28-1:38following a big victory in the south carolina primary over the weekend ... donald trump looks to keep his momentum going. trump says: "the people of our country are amazing, amazing people. and, we want to win again. we're going to win, we're going to win, we're going to win." senators marco rubio and ted cruz also back on the campaign trail ... holding rallies in nevada ahead of the state's g-o-p caucus tomorrow night.cruz says: "if y'all agree with me that it's now or never." / "then, i ask everyone of you to join me, the nevada caucuses are 48 hours from now."rubio says: "we cannot lose this election. i'm here to ask you today to caucus for me." the remaining republican candidates are now vying to pick up supporters of jeb bush ... ... who dropped out of the race saturday night. weatherford says: "jeb bush supporters are not going to donald trump. donald trump is a reckless, divisive candidate." meantime ... hillary clinton is in california to raise money ... following her victory over senator bernie sanders in nevada.schoen says: "as long as secretary clinton wins victories, however narrow, as in iowa and nevada, those delegates will stay with her. right now, she's on a path to the nomination." but, the
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is far from over ... and claims he is ready to go the distance ...sanders says: "this campaign is gaining momentum because we are listening to the american people." sanders and clinton are now turning their attention to south carolina ... which holds its democratic primary next saturday. in new
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hollins university professor ed lynch will join us in our 8:00 hour to look at what this weekend's events could mean to the virginia primary. our sister station- k-l-a-s in las vegas is reporting there were some techincal problems with the nevada democratic caucus website. it crashed because of a high volume of traffic.but shortly after 50-percent of the precincts reported... hillary clinton was declared the for turn out... there were long lines at several polling sites. it's estimated that 65-percent of those who participated in the caucuses... were first timers. caucuses involve a little more work. your going in there and talking with your neighbors and declaring who you are voting for. that means a lot for the democrats going into the 2016 general election as well.overall- there are more than 17 hundred precincts in appears sanders won most of the counties in the northern part of the state. however, clinton won big in
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we are a long way off from the christmas and holiday, but some local people are already working on it.we will tell you how their efforts are helping sick children when good day virginia continues.
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this morning in local good news-teams of families and friends laced up their bowling shoes and hit the lanes was for the junior achievement of southwest virginia's oscars in the alley bowlathon. it's a bowling tournament that raises money for k through 12 classroom program materials. the materials they're looking to buy teach students work readiness, entrepreneurship and finances. we're looking at even now in the next month or two, going out and doing 51 classes of a third grade program called our city and then we're doing with our eigth graders and seventh graders we're going to do what's called ja finance park and all of those require materials that are going into the hands of our children. you can help contribute to those materials by attending the last bowlathon event next weekend-- at amf hilltop lanes. it will be junior achievement's final push to reach their 40 thousand dollar fund raising goal.
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about the holidays- but the ronald mcdonald house of southwest virginia has kicked off its holiday card contest fundraiser. they're asking artists to submit art work in the form of a card that captures their idea of the holidays. the cards will then go on display and the public will vote on their favorite to be printed by the ronald mc donald house. of course everything will go on display. this year we're very excited to partner with the city market building in downtown roanoke so we'll be displaying the art work for about a month in that space.the winning card will go on sale later on in the year during the holidays. the proceeds will go to the ronald mcdonald house which provides a home away from home for families with children in the hospital. for details on the deadline- and how you can enter- check out our website- virginia first dot com.
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a cold front will drop south through the area overnight allowinga wedge of high pressure to build in from the
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and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. drinking coffee could cut your chance of developing liver disease. that's according to a medical journal that reviewed nine different studies on the effects of coffee. researchers say two cups a day could cut your chances of developing cirrhosis by 44-percent. cirrhosis deteriorates the liver by blocking blood flow. alcoholism is the second- most common cause of that condition in the u-s. are you getting enough sleep? a new study reveals that a third of americans are not. the centers for disease control and prevention analyzed data from more than 4- hundred thousand people in all 50 states. hundreds of
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less than the recommended seven hours or more a day. lack of sleep can be associated with health issues like diabetes, heart disease and mental illness. the c-d-c says this study is the first one to examine sleep hours on a state level. southeastern states and those along the appalachian mountaisn the single lowest was reported in hawaii.was reported in single lowest mountaisn the appalachian mountaisn the single lowest was reported in hawaii. coming up... a star wars fan has turned his hobby into a career....we will see his cutting edge idea next on good day virginia many
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cutt people want to quit their jobs and turn their hobby into a
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many in utah has done that and it's a "star wars" fans dream come true... jedi-fan blair maynes is the owner of "salt lake saber company." maynes spends his days crafting working lightsabers, straight from the iconic films... the business was originally just a hobby... but demand for the sabers was so large... maynes eventually quit his full-time job and now crafts lightsabers full time... and it seems to be paying off...he made 68 thousand dollars last year and that was after a slow start
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"i as well have heard embezzlement and fraud and all rumors get juicy."northside high school in roanoke county is hoping a community meeting happening tonight will ease concerns after threats of violence and a shrinking adminstration! a military school in southern virginia will reopen today after it receives isis threats.the steps school leaders are taking to ensure safety! and innocent people are targeted during a shooting spree in michigan.this morning: what we know about the suspected shooter. good morning, it's monday, february


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